100% Cotton Facemasks
SCHAMPA’s Double Layer 100% Cotton Face Masks incorporate our FACE-FIT technology. Our “no-see” nose piece contours to your face providing a comfortable form fit. Simple ear loops keep the mask contoured to your face. Please note our mask extends under the chin unlike other masks that simply cover your mouth and nose.


  • We offer a 100% Cotton Face Mask as an alternative to FXX. These Face Masks are "Non Medical". Our Products are not Manufactured in a 21 CFR 820 facility, nor have a 510(k) clearance.
  • Our approach is to aide in the alternative supply of FXX, by providing the option of 100% Cotton Face Masks, when inventories of FXX Options are depleted, or as directed with the FDA.
  • 100% Cotton Non Medical Face Mask
  • May be Used when FDA cleared Masks are unavailable.
  • Not Recommended for Surgical Settings
  • Product is not guaranteed against antimicrobial, antiviral, infection prevention or reduction.
  • Contact the FDA for approved Medical Use if Needed


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