SCHAMPA Tube - Black w/ Paisley

This unique piece of headwear is Schampa most versatile garment yet. Made of Schampa Stretch Fabric it wicks and breathes to keep you comfortable in any season. Perfect for all outdoor activites. Wear more than 10 different ways. Wear as a Neckgaiter, Tall Gaiter, Facemask, Balaclava, Long Doo-Z, Doo-Z, Headband, Mini Doo-Z, Scrunchy, Wristband. Available in many styles and colors.

Also referred to as a Buff or Gaiter.

 Product Features

  • 10 ways to use
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Used around the World
  • A Variety of Colors to choose from
  • Excellent for any activities where Sun, Dust, Wind, Cold, or blowing sand is an issue
  • One Size Fits All

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