SCHAMPA Urban Pro Facemask - Military Green


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SCHAMPA’s Urban Pro Facemask is designed for individuals looking for clean fitted functional Facemask. Whether your working in a professional setting, or just want a mask that looks like something you would want to wear.  Our Urban Pro is for you. 

These 2 Layer 100% Cotton Facemasks have SCHAMPA’s FaceFit Nose Piece that molds to the contour of your face. Urban Pro FaceMask are made with a 100% Sanded Cotton Twill outer layer and with a 100% Cotton Liner.


  • 100% Sanded Cotton Twill Outer Layer
  • 100% Cotton Liner
  • Fitted with a FaceFit Nose Piece for a secure fit.
  • Contour Design for a sleek look and feel
  • Lightweight for daily use
  • Top Stitched all the way around and Double Stitched in front for elegant lines, strength, and function.
  • Designer Facemask
  • Sizes: Small, Traditional, XL
  • To determine XL Measure from the tip of your nose to the back of your Ear. 6.5 inches or more will require an XL Mask.
  • Reusable
  • Wash Daily

Recommended: Buy our 7 packs, one for each day of the week, You'll save money as well, and it's a little more sanitary.

Did you Know: SCHAMPA is a USA Family Owned Business that has been making Masks for over 22 years. We specialize in headwear, thermals and outerwear.

Legal Disclaimer:

  • These Face Masks are "Non Medical". Our Products are not Manufactured in a 21 CFR 820 facility, nor have a 510(k) clearance.
  • Not Recommended for Surgical Settings
  • Product is not guaranteed against antimicrobial, antiviral, infection prevention or reduction.
  • Contact the FDA for approved Medical Use if Needed