SCHAMPA Old School Thermal Fleece Lined Hoodie: Neon Yellow



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SCHAMPA Old School Thermal Fleece Lined Hoodie is probably the warmest Hoodie on the market. 100% Fleece lined, the Hood, Front, Back, Arms, Sleeves, and the Pocket(s) are all Fleece Lined and have zippers so you don’t lose your stuff. Complete with Thumbholes and just a bit oversized to wear over your base layers.

“All my life I wondered why jackets and hoodies don’t have liners? After all you wear them because you are going to be cold. Your hands get cold shouldn’t the pockets have an insulating liner to warm them up? Well now they do!” SCHAMPA Owner Andy Myers

  • Extremely Warm
  • Durable Construction
  • Traditional Waffle Thermal Look
  • 200wt Fleece Liner throughout the entire Hoodie
  • Zippered Pocket(s)
  • Thumbholes
  • Oversized for comfort and use over your base layers
  • Drawstring
  • Late Fall, Winter, Early Spring Use
  • Color: Safety Neon Yellow