SCHAMPA Mini-NeckGaiter sounds simple enough, but it took time to identify a need for the item. The need came from riders XXL and larger. Traditional NeckGatiers were simply to tall or thick to be worn around the Neck with a Full Face Helmet. The SCHAMPA Mini-NeckGaiter became a hit with a variety of users that were not interested in the thickness and height of traditional NeckGaiters. With that we have the Mini-NeckGaiter.

Owner Note

“Well over 15 years ago, I remember the first time I recognized the issue with traditional NeckGaiters. I saw large men struggling with moving their heads side to side and up and down with the normal NeckGaiters we sold. It was a great moment for the company as we identified a need and we were again able to be the first company in the industry to solve it.

Schampa's Mini-Gaiter was developed upon recognizing the need for a less constrictive less bulky and better fitting Neckgaiter with a full face helmet. I cut our Double Layer NeckGaiter in half and BAM, instant success. By cutting the gaiter in half it also makes for a perfect headband. So when you're done riding take off the helmet and keep the ears warm."  SCHAMPA owner Andy Myers

  • Product Features

      • Great for Users XXL and Larger
      • Can be used as a Head/Ear Band or NeckGaiter
      • Extreme Cold
      • Very Warm
      • Excellent Neck, Face, Ear, and Head Protection from the cold.
      • NeckGaiter is Made of Warm Double Layer 200wt Fleece
      • Highly Wind Resistant
      • Travel Light
      • One Size Fits Most
      • Excellent with Full Face Helmets.
      • Works with Open Helmets, ½ & ¾ Helmets, or Alone
      • Color: Black