Schampa Fleece SkullGaiter is a great piece of gear. This is a combination of a NeckGaiter and Skullcap. It is extremely versatile, you can wear it like a Balaclava, as a NeckGaiter, or as an open face Balaclava. If you do not want the Skullcap up over your head, just pull it back off your head, if you want to talk or get a drink just pull the Gaiter part down to your chin. Like all of SCHAMPA’s NeckGaiters it has a snug fit so it will not blow around in the wind or beat your face on the ride.

Product Features

    • Best Seller
    • Extreme Cold
    • Very Warm
    • Keeps the wind out
    • Excellent Neck, Face, Ear, and Head Protection from the cold.
    • NeckGaiter is Made of Warm Double Layer 200wt Fleece
    • SkullCap is Made of SCHAMPA’s WarmSkin Fabric
    • The SkullCap is FlatSeamed
    • Highly Wind Resistant
    • Insulates and helps protect your face and ears against cold weather, frostbite and wind burn.
    • Travel Light
    • One Size Fits Most
    • Perfect for Full Face Helmets, Open Helmets, ½ & ¾ Helmets, or Alone
    • Color: Black
    • If you are riding in Cold Temperatures this is the ticket.

Important Note for XXL users and larger.

Works with Most FULL FACE HELMETS, this depends on the Rider. This is a Thick Double Layer NeckGaiter. If you are XXL, or higher check into our Single Layer NeckGaiter, WarmSkin NeckGaiter, Mini-NeckGaiterPro Series NeckGaiter, or Super Soft Neck Gaiters.

Helmet Style
Time Useage